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A Knowledgable & Experienced Team

We are an NDIS-registered and accredited occupational therapy and allied health service. We believe in a strengths-based approach and an enablement model in all that we do. To us a team approach is everything and this dance is not easy. Partnerships and teamwork are key, and we believe in fostering strong relationships with our participants and their families, education, adaptation, and advocating for your needs, wants and care supports.

With us, you are the priority and the reason for why our services exist.


Too often, those with differing levels of ability are burdened with the immense task of adapting to a world that was not designed with their needs in mind or simply ignores their needs. At Hallmark Integrated Health services, we turn that notion on its head, and instead find innovative ways to adapt the world to meet our participants where they are at, in their everyday life and enabling their true choices. 

Guided by the philosophy of “doing, being, becoming and belonging” within occupational therapy, we partner with you, our participants so that you are empowered to make choices, but are not alone in the decision making process and when taking action. 

Everything we do is to provide opportunities for our participants to find their own self-expression and self- identity, as well as to have the freedom to live the life you want. We believe that if we do this together as a team and community then we can be hopeful of every success!  

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